Sexual Medicine Practitioner Certification

Sexual Medicine Practitioner Certification

IBOSP Certified Sexual Medicine Practitioners are professionals in areas including medicine and other areas of healthcare (for example nursing, pelvic floor physical therapy, occupational therapy). Sexual Medicine Practitioners provide permission, limited information, and specific suggestions to resolve questions, concerns, and issues related to sexuality, sexual functioning, relationships, gender, and sexual orientation.

Who seeks Sexual Medicine Practitioner Certification?

Professionals in areas including in areas including medicine and other areas of healthcare who work with clients to address medical impact on relationships and sex. Certified Sexual Medicine Practitioners typically take a time limited and directive approach that embraces a sex positive view of presenting concerns.

Why apply for the CSMP?

Certification as a Sexual Medicine Practitioner provides comfort assurance to patients and the public that you have obtained advanced training in, are knowledgeable about, and positive in your approach to sex, sexuality, and sexual health.

What are the basic eligibility requirements?

⦿ A current IBOSP membership in good standing
⦿ A terminal degree in a medical/healthcare specialty
⦿ A minimum of 1000 hours in not under one year of professional sexuality counseling experience.
⦿ Documentation of 150 hours of sexuality and counseling education
⦿ Two recommendation letters from a colleague or IBOSP member
⦿ Adherence to the IBOSP Code of Ethics.