Sexual Behavior Analyst Certification

Sexual Behavior Analyst Certification

IBOSP Certified Sexual Behavior Analysts are behavior analysts who focus on sexuality as a target behavior, involving social skills, relationship interaction, sex education, verbal behavior, and more. IBSP Certified Sexual Behavior Analysts have specific, comprehensive training in applied behavior analysis and sexuality.

Who seeks Sexual Behavior Analyst Certification?

Behavior Analysts working with people with sexual issues and concerns including disease prevention, risky sexual behavior including use of substances, relationship difficulty, sexual health practices, sexual functioning, contraception and more.

Why apply for the CSBA?

Certification as a Sexual Behavior Analyst provides assurance to the public that you have obtained advanced training in the field and have the endorsement of an international certifying body. Certification also helps you stand out as an expert.

What are the basic eligibility requirements?

⦿ A current IBSP membership in good standing
⦿ Certification as a Behavior Analyst
⦿ A minimum of 200 hours of experience working with people presenting with sexual issues or concerns
⦿ Documentation of 50 hours of sexuality education
⦿ Two recommendation letters from a colleague or IBOSP member
⦿ Adherence to the IBOSP Code of Ethics