Sexual Behavior Clergy Professional Certification

IBOSP Certified Problematic Sexual Behavior Clergy Professionals are professionals in clergy (pastors, or pastors with M.Div, Rabbis, ministry elders, deacons, para-ministry, spiritual or religious couples counselors)  who work with clients presenting with sexual behavior deemed problematic.  IBSP Certified Problematic Sexual Behavior Professionals have specific, comprehensive training in working with people whose lives and relationships are negatively impacted by sexual behaviors deemed problematic.

Who seeks Sexual Behavior Clergy Professional Certification?

Professionals in clergy who work with people who are concerned about sexual behaviors (or who identify as sexually “compulsive” or “addicted”). 

Why Apply for SBCP?

Certification as a Sexual Behavior Clergy Member provides assurance to the public that you have obtained advanced training in the field and have the endorsement of an international certifying body.  Certification also helps you stand out as an expert.   

What are the basic eligibility requirements?

  1. A current IBOSP membership in good standing
  2. Complete a minimum of fifty (60) total hours of training and/or education in sex, sexuality, and problematic sexual behavior.. 
  3. A minimum of 2 years as a clergy member
  4. A minimum of 50 hours of direct clinical experience working with individuals and people in relationships who are experiencing problems related to sex and sexuality.
  1.         Two recommendation letters from (1) colleague working in the field or clergy professional and (1) IBOSP member
  2.           Adherence to the IBS Code of Ethics.