Sex Author Professional Certification

IBOSP Certified Sex Author/Writers are individuals who write for the media, blogs, or books on sex and sexuality

Who seeks Sexual Author Professional Certification?

Individuals who write on issues related to sex, sexuality, gender, and sexual health. Some sex writers/authors work in the media, have their own organizations

Why Apply?

Certification as a sex writer/author provides assurance to the public that you have obtained advanced training in the field and have the endorsement of an international certifying body.  Certification also helps you stand out as an expert.   

What are the basic eligibility requirements?

  • A current IBOSP membership in good standing
  • A minimum of a college degree 
  • A minimum of one year of writing experience in the field
  • A minimum of two substantial published writings 
  • Documentation of 25 hours of education in sex, sexuality, gender, sexual orientation or a combination
  • Two recommendation letters from a colleague or IBOSP member
  • Adherence to the IBOSP Code of Ethics.