Reproductive Health Care Advocate Certification

IBOSP Certified Reproductive Health Care Advocates are people who are involved as advocates in the reproductive health care arena including center staff, escorts, nurses, organization staff. Certified Reproductive Health Care Advocates have specific, comprehensive training in and experience working in the field.

Who seeks Reproductive Health Care Advocate Certification?

Those people who have training in and/or work in the reproductive health care space.

Why Apply for RHCA?

Certification as a Reproductive Health Care Advocate provides assurance to the public and to potential employers that you have obtained advanced training in, are knowledgeable about, and positive in your approach to reproductive health care. 

What are the basic eligibility requirements?

  • A current IBOSP membership in good standing
  • A minimum of a high school degree 
  • A minimum of 100 hours of experience working, advocating, or volunteering within the area of reproductive health care. 
  • Documentation of 25 hours of education in reproductive health care. 
  • Two recommendation letters from a colleague or IBOSP member
  • Adherence to the IBOSP Code of Ethics.