Cortina Louis, aka The Girlfriend Therapist®, is an EMDR-trained Licensed Mental Health Counselor, International Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Motivational strategist, and Mentor who motivates people to win every area of their life. Her specialties include sex therapy, women’s issues, and racial trauma. She is currently licensed in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Texas. Cortina completed her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Nova Southeastern University.  She holds a certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. She earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology from Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. Dubbed the sexy sex therapist, she held her first ever Sex Series Symposium® in 2014. Cortina started her career in sexual health education and wellness over 20 years ago. She has been providing professional counseling services since 2009. She currently teaches and supervises students at Modern Sex Therapy Institutes.

Empowering individuals to become and be better is her deeply held passion. This passion was the springboard that caused her to launch Boundless Living Coaching, Counseling, & Consulting, a counseling and consulting firm aimed at helping individuals, organizations, and companies thrive and function at optimum potential. Since 2010, she has focused her attention and efforts on inspiring change. As The Girlfriend TherapistTM, she helps to dispel the myths of what it means to see a therapist. In 2020, she began to focus on social injustice and racially related issues that impact mental health and wellness. Because of this, she developed The NOIR Center for Intuitive Health & Counseling.  
She has received numerous awards and has been recognized by professional peers, colleagues, and community organizations for her positive work with her patients, clients, and community. Her experience ranges from providing individual counseling sessions to speaking on conference stages in front of large audiences. Be it big or small, she motivates all. Her therapeutic specialties include sex therapy, race-based trauma/stress, relationships, transitional challenges, and mood disturbances.

As the creative developer and visionary of The W.O.W. Effect®, she bridges the gap between people just living life. She helps them become individuals who can experience life on a deeper level. She is a two-time cancer (Lymphoma) survivor and Lupus warrior; she has dedicated her life to helping individuals heal, motivating others, and encouraging clients to live as authentically as possible. She is an advocate for change and an activist in her own right. Having to fight for her life in ways many people would not understand, she serves as a light to those who might be in dark, dull, or dim places. Her bubbly, outgoing personality makes it easy for anyone to connect with her and feel her genuineness and commitment to seeing and showing people how to win. Her motto is iWin|iWon|iWOW, which she encourages others to do as well.