Call for Proposals

The IBOSP 2023 Annual Conference, The Convening, welcomes proposals that reflect a forward-looking approach featuring bold ideas and global perspectives. IBOSP is dedicated to increasing the scope of knowledge and providing an inclusive community to all sexual wellness professionals—we pride ourselves on finding community and camaraderie for all of our members. The conference will feature presentations from global thought leaders that showcase innovative perspectives to highlight the imperative for sexual justice, inclusivity and access to the most up-to-date information. The conference theme, The Convening, initiate’s a coming together of viewpoints within our  bourgeoning field, and will be a platform for global voices to inspire our collective future. We encourage proposals that reflect interdisciplinary approaches to sexuality, particularly those that highlight the following topics:

  • the role of intersectionality in sexual health to address social, economic, and gender justice
  • community engagement and impact for all sexuality professionals
  • model practices for virtual, in-person, and hybrid delivery of services
  • innovative approaches to managing stigma, biases, and sex negativity
  • research in international education as a catalyst and foundation for an inclusive future
  • new skills and cross-functional competencies defining the changing profile of sexuality professionals and shaping collaborative teams and communities
  • transformative ideas that help define sex positivity
  • the integration and creative use of technology in sexuality programs and services
  • management of career advancement for all sexuality professionals
  • maximizing interdisciplinary collaboration and learning from the cross-pollination of ideas, skills, and resources
  • cultivation of renewed engagement in the sexuality profession, particularly from international and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • new models for the dissemination of comprehensive, ambitious, and inclusive information
Skill Building Sessions - 50 Minutes

Skill Building sessions should offer practical experience to help participants increase their understanding and skills in a particular area of current interest in the field of sexuality. Activities and discussions should be woven into the session plan to help attendees truly apply learnings to their work. Session topics might include (but are not limited to) demonstrations of various methodologies, interviews, therapeutic, assessment, or other techniques, statistical or scientific approaches.

Symposia - 50 Minutes

Symposia are focused sessions in which multiple speakers present information related to a unifying topic that is viewed to be a significant common theme, issue, or question. The presentations generally include a review of data but may also include discussions of contrasting viewpoints or other innovative strategies for engaging the audience. The Symposia session format should include an introduction to the topic by an expert, someone who can set context and offer background for why the session topic is important. Speakers then give their presentations, which are followed by an exchange of ideas and discussion between the audience and speaker

Critical Conversations - 50 Minutes

Critical Conversations (formerly called Discussions) are designed to support informed conversations between presenters and audience members. These sessions should begin with one or more brief presentations designed to provide the information needed for the audience to effectively participate in the discussion. The chair should act as a moderator to ensure that the bulk of the time in the discussion portion is spent in conversation with the audience.

Data Blitzes

Data blitz sessions feature up to six fast-paced brief reports on hot topics, with individuals presenting for no more than five minutes each on various research areas. Data blitzes should provide an interactive experience for the audience, and organizers should allocate time (e.g., 10 minutes for every three presentations) to support audience engagement. Interactive experiences could include posing questions that require audience participation or organizing the data blitz around a particular theme that offers an opportunity for audience and speaker integration and discussion.

Collaborations will consist of a panel of experts in different areas of the sexuality. Each will present ideas for innovative ways sexuality professionals can work together.
Case Studies - 25 Minutes

Speaker will present a case study that incorporates different areas of sexuality and that involveworking or collaborating with different sexual health professionals. A discussant will conceptualize and discuss the case. Audience members will then have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the case.

Express Your Interest

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