About IBOSP Annual Conference

Benefit from global thought leadership and interdisciplinary perspectives.

The IBOSP Conference– October 6-7th, 2023 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center–is a platform for global voices working together to inspire our collective future in the sexuality profession. The conference features presentations from global thought leaders that reflect a forward-looking approach, bold ideas and innovative perspectives to highlight the imperative for sexual justice, inclusivity and access to the most up-to-date information. The conference theme, The Convening, initiates a coming together of  interdisciplinary approaches within our bourgeoning field. Topics that will be addressed include:

  • the role of intersectionality in sexual health to address social, economic, and gender justice
  • community engagement and impact for all sexuality professionals
  • model practices for virtual, in-person, and hybrid delivery of services
  • innovative approaches to managing stigma, biases, and sex negativity
  • research in international education as a catalyst and foundation for an inclusive future
  • new skills and cross-functional competencies defining the changing profile of sexuality professionals and shaping collaborative teams and communities
  • transformative ideas that help define sex positivity
  • the integration and creative use of technology in sexuality programs and services
  • management of career advancement for all sexuality professionals
  • maximizing interdisciplinary collaboration and learning from the cross-pollination of ideas, skills, and resources
  • cultivation of renewed engagement in the sexuality profession, particularly from international and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • new models for the dissemination of comprehensive, ambitious, and inclusive information